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Be Your Own Influencer

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Posted May 2018
By Peter Schuyler

Last year, Forbes and several other leading publications ran stories on the rise of influencer marketing in B2B. What used to be a largely B2C phenomenon was coming to our industry like a tsunami of thought leadership — crashing down on every available media outlet — TV, the radio, phone, social feeds — telling you what the next trend is and why you should buy into it.

But influencers are not hatched overnight. They are made through hard work and the persistent quest to provide valuable insight to a community about a topic or field. If you can put the work in, not only are you a recognized authority, but you become an invaluable asset to any company looking for expertise. Here are some tips for developing your own influencer network and getting your valuable message out to the industry.

    1. Stay consistent, build community. For your message to garner an audience, you need a steady content stream. Create an editorial plan that has consistent benchmarks you want to hit and keep building on it. Also make sure you are reaching out and inviting your industry via social, forums, and other channels that are linked to your topic to create conversation.
    2. Remember to be humble. People are attracted to smarts and friendliness. So, while you might be the smartest person in the room, keep your community coming back with humility and gratitude.
    3. Have all — OK, most, of the answers. Getting people to listen to you means you must back up your opinions with hard facts. Spend time researching the history and the present of the industry so you that you can have a line on what the future holds.
    4. Pick a mountaintop to shout from. We’re turning a corner in the B2B world where social media is becoming not only a way to broadcast product and company news, but to lead conversations about the industry. Pick a medium that best suits your personal style — whether it’s podcasting, putting out videos on YouTube or Vimeo, curating an Instagram story, or dropping knowledge on a company blog — grab your bullhorn and start talking.
    5. Don’t do it alone. All the work that goes into managing a network, channel, or podcast can be daunting and frustrating flying solo. InGear can help you hone your message and find the best opportunities and channels for publishing it. Contact us today for a consultation or meet us at InfoComm to see how we can make your influencer aspirations more successful.

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