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The InGear Team

When it comes to experienced communications professionals, InGear PR has some of the best in the business. Not only are we InGear staffers great at forward thinking and developing PR strategies that build brands and get results, we're also experts in the industry. When it comes to the pro A/V, custom installation and home theater markets, we really know the lay of the land. We understand the technology, we know the players, and we have a firm grasp of the issues that impact your business today and in the future. To top it off, we're respected among editors and peers alike. That's a winning combination of skill, experience and reputation that really packs a punch!

Caryn Cohen - InGear Founding Partner Veronica Esbona - InGear President
Dave Netz - COO
Rachel Dwyer - InGear Account Manager
Pat Brown - InGear Administrative Director Summer McLennan - InGear Administrative Manager
Rae Morrow - Director Marcom Services