Is Your Press Release Compelling Enough for InfoComm?

Is Your Press Release Compelling Enough for InfoComm?

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5 Tips for Building Your Show Press Releases
By Jessaca Gutierrez

The days are ticking down to InfoComm. Between now and the first day of the show, you’ll see an endless stream of press releases announcing new products. A press release is one of the best tools for publicizing your product innovation before the big show, but to get the traction you want at InfoComm, it needs to be compelling. It needs to pull readers to your booth so they can see first-hand how you’re redefining the AV experience.

Here’s how to make your press release work harder at InfoComm:

  1. Jazz up your press release headline. While you do have to cover your informational bases in the body of your press release, there’s a bit of creative license for the headline. Is your solution an industry first? Does it solve an industry-wide problem or transform the installation experience through intelligent, well-designed innovation? Let it lead in the headline and captivate those eager eyeballs.
  2. Don’t skip the relevant information. Your customers are constantly making buying decisions. They want to know if your solution will meet their installation requirements, so be sure to cover the basics.
  3. Tell why your product matters to your customer. Does it do something differently than the industry norm? Make life easier for the integrator or IT? Redefine the user experience? Detailing why your product matters helps tell a story that specifications alone can’t convey to customers.
  4. Build additional value into your release with education. Invest in researching and writing a whitepaper that highlights your subject matter expertise and complements the press release. If your customers know your company as a source of education, they’ll keep coming back to see how you’re driving new trends.
  5. Don’t put everything into a press release. Think of editors as museum curators. Editors are hit with hundreds of press releases before InfoComm and they’re looking for the best, most newsworthy items. If you’re toeing that line, ask your marketing team for the best approach to handling your news, such as a preview press release that compiles everything you’ll be showcasing at InfoComm and saves hotter product announcements for their own release.

We know there’s a lot of work that goes into making InfoComm successful, but it requires a well-executed strategy. Let InGear help craft content that puts your company on the map for InfoComm.

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