Make Your Smart Home Work for Your Home Office

Make Your Smart Home Work for Your Home Office

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By Steve Jenkins

With CEDIA right around the corner, I’ve got home automation on the mind. Home automation can provide a great benefit, and it can also make your home office more comfortable as well. If you’re one of the increasingly common work-from-home types, here are a few ideas to make your smart home work for your smart home office.

Automate Your Brew — We’re past the days of stumbling bleary-eyed into the kitchen and fumbling with a machine that allows us to function properly before 9 a.m. Make your workday easier with a smart coffee machine and live your childhood television commercial dreams of waking up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee with zero effort.

Set the Mood — Once you’ve had a good cup of coffee and you can tolerate brighter lights, use your voice or your whole-house remote to bring the lights up a bit in your home office (or in your bedroom, who am I to judge?). Perhaps even adjust to a cooler temperature to help you focus on your upcoming work day. And did you turn off the light upstairs? Good thing you’ve got the lamp connected to a smart outlet, so you can be sure the light is off and save energy.

Stay Focused — And speaking of focus, it’s easy to get lost in thoughts of lawn care while staring out your window. Do yourself a favor and remove some of those thoughts by investing in a smart control box for watering your lawn. While you’re at it, get a smart lawn mower and schedule when it cuts your lawn. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood, and the only daydreaming you’ll do about your lawn will involve finally hanging that hammock that’s been sitting in its box all summer long. There are still a few good weeks to enjoy it, right?

Relax — There’s no sense in using all this smart technology only for work, right? Once your day is over, warm your lighting back up, use your voice to start up some tunes while you cook dinner, and when the time comes, dim the lights and start a movie using your home remote. After, sleepily push one button and shut off all your house lights as you trudge off to bed. What’s the office benefit there, you ask? Why, so you can get to bed more quickly and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your next day in your smart home office!

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