• With CEDIA right around the corner, I’ve got home automation on the mind. Home automation can provide a great benefit, and it can also make your home office more comfortable as well. If you’re one of the increasingly common work-from-home types, here are a few ideas to make your smart home work for your smart home office.

  • Podcasting is a growing medium, and a great way for a company to tell its story. Edison Research shows that 11% more Americans listened to podcasts in 2016 when compared to the prior year. In addition, over 110 million Americans listened to a podcast at least once in 2016, and 67 million Americans listen to at least one podcast a month.

  • It’s finally summer. InfoComm is behind us, and frankly, I'm exhausted. I need a vacation. Are you with me? A lot of people are, including small business expert and business coach Cathy Goddard, who recommends combatting summertime workplace fatigue with some easily achievable tips that will help you stay productive while still enjoying the summer.

  • Last year, Forbes and several other leading publications ran stories on the rise of influencer marketing in B2B. What used to be a largely B2C phenomenon was coming to our industry like a tsunami of thought leadership — crashing down on every available media outlet — TV, the radio, phone, social feeds — telling you what the next trend is and why you should buy into it.

  • The days are ticking down to InfoComm. Between now and the first day of the show, you’ll see an endless stream of press releases announcing new products. A press release is one of the best tools for publicizing your product innovation before the big show, but to get the traction you want at InfoComm, it needs to be compelling. It needs to pull readers to your booth so they can see first-hand how you’re redefining the AV experience.

  • What does it mean to be a storyteller? Simply put, it’s about engaging your audience by offering your own valuable perspective. Press releases are really important for getting the news out in a clear and straightforward manner. But in the face of ever-decreasing attention spans, how do you share your news in the most compelling manner to grab the attention of your audience? You become a storyteller.

  • With ISE 2018 right around the corner, we’ve prepared a useful infographic with strategies to plan a successful tradeshow presence and maximize your return on investment, all while taking advantage of media relations opportunities to get your message heard.


  • The world is shrinking and has been since the late 20th century. Not literally, of course, but with the current speed of communication — high-speed travel, global video conferencing, and more — the world certainly seems smaller, more transparent, and accessible. Global has become local, or if you’ll permit me, glocal.

  • Hi, my name is Steve Jenkins, and I’m a new account executive here at InGear. I’ve been in the communications industry for the past three years; however, I’m also a technology lover at heart with a history in IT and software training. At InGear, I get the exciting opportunity to combine these two worlds.

  • Top Three Emerging Technologies to Watch at CEDIA 2017 - First, I can’t believe a year has flown by and here we are heading to CEDIA 2017! In my CEDIA 2016 wrap-up, I wrote about voice control being everywhere as custom install companies were integrating with Amazon Alexa. This year, voice remains dominant, so let’s look at three top technologies we can expect at CEDIA 2017.

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