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Women of InfoComm
Networking Breakfast
Women in Technology:
Taking Charge and Taking Action

February 11

First Lounge Restaurant
RAI Exhibition Centre

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2015 Career
Enhancement Forum
June 23, 2015

Registration Opens
March 16, 2015

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Carol Campbell
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CE Week returns to NYC June 22-26 along with Women in CE's exclusive fourth annual forum! "Find Your Voice, Own Your Career" is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23. The forum serves up a full day of sessions with compelling topics, workshops and keynote speakers that relate to career enhancement for all corporate, small business and entrepreneurial women pursuing a career in consumer electronics.

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Got Your Attention? How to Create Intrigue and
Connect with Anyone

Did you know GOLDFISH have longer attention spans than humans? Nine seconds to our eight, according to Harvard Business School professor Nancy Koehn. Sam Horn, author of POP!, introduces her new book "Got Your Attention?" that sends a bold message — being intrigued in others makes us intriguing to others. Sam shares her secret sauce for creating mutual intrigue, and for turning frustrating, waste-of-time, one-way interactions into productive, mutually rewarding, two-way connections that get results.

Additional Keynote Speakers To Be Announced

Women in CE welcomed a record attendance at the January 6, 2015 Sixth Annual Legacy Award Networking Reception held at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas during CES 2015.

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Join the Women in CE Connect Program today!

Our first group is up and running, and the response has been fantastic! Here's what the participants think about the program.

"It's already very encouraging to know that such a wonderful support team is there to help us all to grow and succeed as a woman in today's business environment.” Tracy

"It has been empowering to engage and collaborate with other motivated women — the possibilities are endless and have made a huge impact on my work experience already.” Camila

"Our ability to speak openly to each other and support each other is something I didn't expect, but is invaluable!” Amanda

"I am really excited to be a part of a circle of strong, smart, and dynamic women.” Leslie

"Women in CE Connect has been an invaluable support.” Courtney

"Being a Women in CE circle moderator has provided me the opportunity to develop myself further, not just professionally, but as a person. It's also enjoyable and inspiring to be around a group of dynamic women in the industry.” Ami

By Nicole Mangina

You know that person, they start off nice, or cute and cuddly like the dog in the picture, and before you know it, they are dominating the situation. You say black, they say white — seemingly just because. You ask them to do one thing and they ignore you and do something completely different. The word collaboration is not in their vocabulary.

Whether it's a client or another agent, dealing with a bulldog is not fun, and can leave you reeling if you are not careful.

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