Working Glocally

Working Glocally

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Published November 2017
By Peter Schuyler

The world is shrinking and has been since the late 20th century. Not literally, of course, but with the current speed of communication — high-speed travel, global video conferencing, and more — the world certainly seems smaller, more transparent, and accessible. Global has become local, or if you’ll permit me, glocal. While glocal may sound like one of those marketing buzzwords that make us all quietly roll our eyes, it is a real market force that has implications for any multinational brand, giving rise to a new set of required skills.

Glocalization considers that mass-market products are more successful when tailored to the local market where they are sold. McDonald’s is a perfect example — the menu you see in NYC varies greatly from the menu in Beijing, owing to the tastes and demands that those specific cultures bring to the table. Adding local considerations to global strategies can be very lucrative when approached thoughtfully. When done successfully, a glocal brand gives the customer the impression that they are engaging with a local business, even though that business might be a multinational corporation.

Brands that invest time in developing empathetic, thoughtful, and culturally aware strategies are better equipped to compete globally, especially since they mirror values that make local businesses successful. The ability of a small, local brand to be flexible and tailor services specific to client and community needs can be scaled globally without a great deal of strain. Ensuring your brand has a strong sense of community — local partnerships with suppliers, customers, talent, and regulators — demonstrates the cultural and emotional intelligence that builds trust and social value.

What more can you do to glocalize your brand? Talk to InGear: We can help you build a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan to attain these goals.

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