5 Ways to Catch an Editor’s Eye With Your Content

5 Ways to Catch an Editor’s Eye With Your Content

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Posted May 2017
by Jessaca Gutierrez

InfoComm is fast approaching and never has your new product been more relevant in the media. But when you’re drumming up product content for the press, resist the urge to just rehash your spec sheet. While spec sheets are a fast way to distribute key technical details, they rarely tell the full story behind the innovation that separates your product from the competition. Don’t know where to begin? Here are five content ideas that are sure to grab headlines:

Show why it Matters: Paint a picture of the problem facing your customers and the R&D that your company went through to create a solution that perfectly solved it. Your content should answer: Why was the product created, and how does it solve the problem? This puts the feature set in context. It also gives your company a voice as an expert on a topic should a publication decide to explore it more in-depth later.

Industry Firsts: Faster, brighter, higher — anything that is considered an industry first is timely and relevant. Tell how your product breached a barrier and why it’s important. This is the meat of the story that adds validity and interest to your claim.

Application Trends: Unified communications and collaboration are at the forefront of the industry, and people want to learn more about the solutions that can make the experience more seamless. Tell not only how your product is helping on the near end but the far end as well, bringing remote audiences together like never before — increasing engagement, sense of community, and productivity.

The Network: AV/IT convergence still looms large. We’re seeing it more and more in exciting new ways — IoT, networking standards, interoperability, and sensor technology, to name a few. Editors want to know how your product is leveraging network technology to solve challenges and making the AV ecosystem stronger. How does your product ease installation, reduce the burden of monitoring on AV tech and IT staff, or automate workflows for a smarter, more intelligent environment? The network is a gold mine of content that can help position your product and company as a front runner.

Installations: If your product was successfully deployed, editors want to know about it. What’s more, they want to see it too. A write-up giving the project’s background, challenges, solution, and results gives them a real-world picture of the types of problems your solution answers and is a gateway to bigger conversations — and possibly feature spreads. Just make sure the user and integrator have agreed to share.

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