A Message From Veronica Esbona, President of InGear

A Message From Veronica Esbona, President of InGear

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During this time of worldwide disruption and new challenges caused by the coronavirus, InGear is committed to supporting our clients and our industry. Due to industry trade shows and meetings being canceled, as well as global travel restrictions, we recognize the greater impact that this is having not only on your business but the industry at large.

Despite what lies ahead, we are here ready to support you during this challenging time. We stand firm in our mission to help strengthen your marketing efforts and keep you connected to your customers and the media. In addition to sharing your product launches and news, we’re also prepared to offer online communications and social media support, help you hold virtual meetings, and host on-demand educational webinars. Our account teams will work with you to customize a marketing plan that works best for your brand, while reaching your target audiences to ensure your brand remains visible. Together, let’s try to spread some positive news to help others use AV technology and stay productive during these challenging times.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank AV companies helping in the battle against coronavirus. Many of you are offering free products and services to organizations on the front lines. To show our appreciation and to share how your technology can be vital to those efforts, we are providing free content creation and distribution services for those special announcements. It’s through working together that we can support each other so please reach out if we can be of service in getting the word out about your initiatives.

Thank you for your continued support,

Veronica Esbona and the InGear Team

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