And the Award Goes to…

And the Award Goes to…

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By Jessaca Gutierrez, Content Creation Specialist

There’s no circle like the winner’s circle, and that’s a fact: A study done by the University of Western Ontario and Georgia Institute of Technology found that more than 600 quality corporate award winners had 37% more sales growth and 44% higher stock price returns than those without accolades. Getting that coveted award, however, demands more than just meeting the criteria and following entry instructions. When you enter an award, don’t just rehash spec sheets or the company mission. An award entry shines by telling the ingenuity and thoughtfulness that went into a product. Award-winning entries includes these elements:

1. Tells a captivating and concise story about how the idea came to be and what it took to get there.

2. Focuses on a problem it helps customers solve.

3. Explains why it raises the bar on industry standards.

4. Establishes how the solution is one of kind.

5. Demonstrates results with noteworthy metrics.

Winning an award is great marketing vehicle and investment. From one award win, you not only stand to raise the company’s profile in the industry with multiple media mentions, but also build credibility with your customers. When they see industry award badges and mentions, they recognize it’s a product that stands out from the pack.

Awards season for ISE is already beginning, but writing an award demands immense creativity that you may not have time for. If you’re eyeing an award, let InGear help. We love writing submissions because we don’t have to hold back our passion for telling a great story.

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