Building Visibility Through Backlinks

Building Visibility Through Backlinks

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By Veronica Esbona, President

Part 3:
Here is the next installment of our SEO quick tips you can implement to start the process of improving your business’ rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness of your brand and solutions. This isn’t an exhaustive course on SEO, but a primer and navigation tool for you to steer your brand in the right direction.

If there was a website that could be voted in as president, it would be the one with the largest number of high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are website links from an outside website to your website. For instance, a press release published by trade outlets linking back to your site is a powerful yet easy way to create backlinks. They’re an immediate trail that leads the reader from your content back to your website. The next step is to pursue high-quality backlinks from other trusted, authoritative websites. What counts as a high-quality backlink? The lowest hanging fruit will be a mention on your resellers, partners, distributors, and other stakeholders’ websites. The higher profile and even more valuable links will be those coming from industry and mainstream media, popular influencers, and vetted blogs. By contributing thought leadership and other content to their sites, you can score links that matter most to your SEO visibility. If writing takes more bandwidth than you can manage, InGear is an experienced marketing agency for the job. You’d be surprised what just a few well-positioned articles can do!
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