Consistency Is Like a Good Cup of Joe

Consistency Is Like a Good Cup of Joe

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By Jessaca Gutierrez, Content Creator

I love Starbucks. I know exactly what I’m going to get every time I walk in (a vanilla flat white, by the way). Regardless of the location, the vibe, staff, and coffee are always the same. That consistency is what’s responsible for putting them in more than 30,626 locations worldwide.

The same philosophy applies to marketing: If you want to grow, you need to develop a consistent presence, especially in social media. Although social media is inexpensive and easy enough to get started, it’s an extremely valuable part of your brand presence that shouldn’t be rushed or cobbled together at a moment’s notice. Whether you’ve chosen Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or another platform as your marketing channel, the first step of consistency is developing a social media calendar, which is essentially your editorial game plan. It helps you to not only brainstorm and identify content, but also to determine when to post it. If you know what you’re going to post ahead of time, you won’t have to scramble to fill the slot, or worse, have nothing to post. All too often I see social media accounts that have gone stagnant, with weeks or months between posts. Think about what this tells a customer.

An editorial plan also allows you to create content consistency across channels. While you’re not going to post the exact same thing across all your social channels, the content should be similar in voice.

Throughout the year, your customers are always on the lookout to educate themselves on the brands and products that will solve their problems. The more they see of your company, the more interested they’ll be. And the more interested they are, well, you’ve just gone from lead generation to lead conversion. Time for a well-earned coffee break!

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