Sharpened Customer Service Gives Clients the Edge

Sharpened Customer Service Gives Clients the Edge

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By Joseph Lesieutre, Account Executive

Crucial to any successful marketing strategy is customer service. But it’s much more than just 365/24/7 tech support. Rather, it’s consistent interaction with customers at tradeshows; it’s the deep dive into customer hurdles to develop new products or services; or it may even include going on the job site during installation and setup. Whatever the features and benefits offered as part of the customer support package, they should be rolled into your overall company value proposition and marketing strategy, which tells customers how your products solve their problems, while strengthening brand loyalty.

To leverage your company’s stellar customer service while gaining the edge on the competition, its essential to:

  • Bring in the team. Great customer service doesn’t come from just a single employee but from the whole team. Make sure everyone understands the story, products, and mission behind the brand. When it comes to developing marketing content, the story should be committed to heart.
  • Pay attention to the details. In today’s collaborative world, the ideas that flow during brainstorming sessions are inspirational, but the details are what pulls everything together. Know who’s doing what and understand which solutions solve what problems.

When it comes to applying this to your marketing message, the equation is simple: Innovation, plus customer support, plus consistent messaging, equals marketing results.

Here at InGear, we don’t just incorporate exceptional client service into our messaging, we also live it. You’ll find us at your tradeshow booth experiencing your gear up-close and talking to everyone for even more insight. We also attend your sponsored events and award ceremonies because we want to be the first to congratulate you on your accomplishments. If you’re looking for marketing results, let us help.

Ready to build a memorable brand and tell your unique story? Get in touch. InGear is a collective of passionate PR, social media, and creative content marketing experts and storytellers with a finger on the pulse of the commercial and residential AV industries as well as enterprise IT. We are tech obsessed and media savvy. We are InGear!

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