Creating a Marketing Message to Resonate With Your Customers

Creating a Marketing Message to Resonate With Your Customers

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By Peggy Blaze, Account Director

I recently read a Forbes interview with Jason Heller, president of Presado — a company that uses artificial intelligence to analyze marketing messaging and then creates the most effective communication to resonate best with customers. He had good insight about what was once typical marketing jargon that has now lost its effectiveness due to COVID-19. For instance, words such a “attention” and “urgency,” which were popular in December, are now among the least effective words for generating a customer response. He noted that words in all caps, exclamation points, and superlative language have lost their luster. He has also ruled out “unprecedented,” “we’re here for you,” “here’s how we can help,” and “we’re in this together.”

What marketing language does Heller actually recommend? Words that evoke optimism, empathy, and hope. And his advice is sound.

As we emerge from quarantine, I believe people will have gained a new set of priorities as well as a new vernacular. And that’s where a refreshed marketing message comes into play. According to Heller, “Last December, the best-performing emotion was gratification, while in April 2020, the best performing emotions were gratitude and safety — so focus on language that conveys on trust and intimacy.”

Perhaps now is the time to reassess your marketing language and change it to reflect these values. A recent CEDIA COVID-19 study indicated that 37% of integrators in the U.S. and 47% in the UK are using this time to re-tool their marketing presence and websites. They’re listening, and they’re using this time to make sure that they’re partnering with companies that know how to handle themselves right now and align with their values.

Take an honest, critical look at your marketing message. There’s no official guide on how you should be communicating with your customers, but it should be authentic, focused on building trust, and above all, human and thoughtful. This is a chance to open the door to communication and listen to what your customers need.

InGear can assist you in this journey. As a collective of passionate PR, social media, and creative content marketing experts and storytellers, we understand how critical your next step is, and we can help shape your messaging for the commercial and residential AV industries and enterprise IT.

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