Savvy Social Skills

Savvy Social Skills

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Savvy Social Skills

By Joseph Lesieutre, Account Executive

When managing social media accounts and creating content, there are three key ways to improve the process to guarantee you are posting content relevant to your target market.

Create a Calendar: A calendar is the heart of successful social media management. While it’s tempting to skip it, a calendar not only helps you organize the type of posts you want and when to post them, but also keeps you consistent and connected to your audience. A common program like Excel is a great tool for this task. Set it up with columns for publishing date, social account and channel, topic, graphics, and links. With a system like this, all the relevant information to build a post is in one, easy-to-find place.

Go Back and Look at Your Past Posts: This might seem like an obvious step, but it reveals critical insight into your audience, the kind of content they enjoy, and what you should focus on for future posts. Take the time to discover what hashtags worked well, who liked and shared particular posts, and why a post might have performed better on one site versus another. When you answer these questions, you’re able to create more relevant, interesting posts that reach your target audience.

Visual Imagery: You want your posts to stop people from scrolling and the best way to do that is with visuals. When sharing photos or graphics, post ones that are visually relevant to your target audience. For example, for a home automation product photo, a consumer will likely want to see and understand how the product will improve their living space but an integrator will be more interested in the install and technical aspects of the product.

An organized and deliberate approach to social media can alleviate the stress and complexity of this part of your marketing message, and you might just find following the trends of each post fun and informative. But if you don’t think you have time to “socialize,” then why not let InGear do it for you? We’re experts at the trade and can help you build your social brand message for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram!

If you’re interested in an in-person meeting to discuss our services, we’ll be at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando in June. Email veronica@ingearpr.com to set up a consultation, or just to say hi.

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