Making Your Content SEO Friendly

Making Your Content SEO Friendly

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By Veronica Esbona, President

SEO? More like UFO. It’s a word we all know, yet it is clouded in misunderstanding and confusion. But SEO, or search engine optimization, is more straightforward than you think. With a little extra effort, you can grow the visibility of your website and brand. Just keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process and the rules around it change fairly quickly. This means two things: Every time a new piece of content is created for your website, current SEO best practices should be a part of the creation process. Second, someone on your marketing team or within your contract marketing agency should be current on SEO standards. Although it can seem like a moving target, there’s a lot of foundational knowledge that drives good SEO. That’s why for the next eight weeks, we’ll be posting quick tips you can implement to start the process of improving your business’ rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness of your brand and solutions. This isn’t an exhaustive course on SEO, but a primer and navigation tool for you to steer your brand in the right direction.
Part 1:

What is SEO? Most of the traffic to your site comes from Google. It pays to be listed on the first page of Google search results because customers can find you faster and those listed first get more clicks. To achieve priority ranking within a given search, Google looks for two important signals within your site: high-quality content with keywords and link building. A website deemed SEO-friendly is one designed using key terms on every page, and the number of backlinks to your site. So, before you rush to publish, consider this: SEO and website traffic authority Ahrefs studied 2 million newly published web pages and estimated that 90.63% of content get zero traffic from Google.


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