Title Tags Improve Your SEO

Title Tags Improve Your SEO

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By Veronica Esbona, President

Part 4:
Here is the next installment of our SEO quick tips you can implement to start the process of improving your business’ rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness of your brand and solutions. This isn’t an exhaustive course on SEO, but a primer and navigation tool for you to steer your brand in the right direction.

Title tags, not only improve SEO but also are an important foundation for each and every one of your web pages. Part of the HTML of your website, a title tag is displayed as the clickable title or headline within Google search. A bad example of a title tag is using a “About” as the title tag headline. It’s vague and undescriptive. Instead, use keywords about your company so your customers can easily find you in Google. Hint: no one is going to search and find you with the word “about.” If you create planar magnetic headphones, for example, the SEO title tags for the “about” page of your website might be: “Luxury headphone brand built for high-end audio and entertainment.”
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