The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling

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By Peggy Blaze, Account Director

Every company has a story. Maybe the company was started by two friends in a garage (Apple) or perhaps it’s that the product was invented by accident (Post-It Notes). Irrespective of the circumstances, it’s the telling of that story that will make your company stand out.

This is also true for content marketing. A story that reverberates with your customers will lead to sales. Sometimes, however, this can be a difficult task. Perhaps it’s because the innovation is highly technical, or maybe it needs to be explained how it fits in with an entire product line. Regardless, there are some easy steps you can take to build a clear, yet compelling story.

Good storytellers know their narrative. Decide in advance what elements of your story are imperative to what you are trying to convey. Build an outline, then reread it and revise it until you are 100 percent sure that your story is well-defined. Its message must be unmistakable (“I’m introducing a new product”), concise (“This product does a, b, and c”), and actionable (“This product will help you complete this installation in record time”).

Good storytellers tap into the reader’s emotions. In business, this concept might seem out of place, but let’s say the story is how your new product will make integrators’ jobs easier. If you start your story by outlining their work pain points, demonstrating how you have walked in their shoes, and then conclude with how your product will solve them, that story will emotionally resonate with the integrator.

Good storytellers use creative characters. One of the most effective storytelling tools in content marketing is the case study. Using a customer as the hero of the story, and then being able to weave in how your brand/product helped the hero save the day, lets readers know you’re there — without stealing the spotlight.

Good storytellers practice their craft. That’s where InGear comes in; we are a team of expert storytellers who practice every day! We understand your product, the technology, and your industry, which is why we are able to compose the story you want to tell. If you would like to learn more, email veronica@ingearpr.com.

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