Top Three Emerging Technologies to Watch at CEDIA 2017

Top Three Emerging Technologies to Watch at CEDIA 2017

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Posted August 2017
by Veronica Esbona

First, I can’t believe a year has flown by and here we are heading to CEDIA 2017! In my CEDIA 2016 wrap-up, I wrote about voice control being everywhere as custom install companies were integrating with Amazon Alexa. This year, voice remains dominant, so let’s look at three top technologies we can expect at CEDIA 2017.

Voice: It is undeniable that Alexa changed the voice control game, as well as people’s attitudes toward speaking to a device to enable a multitude of commands, from listening to music, to controlling equipment, to getting quick answers to trivia questions, and more. Google Home with the Google Assistant followed, while the Apple HomePod with Siri is scheduled for release in December. With Amazon’s Echo being first to market in 2015, virtually all home automation systems (control) and subsystems (lighting, thermostats, etc.) support Alexa today, while numerous smart devices embed AVS (Alexa Voice Services) for native voice control, eliminating the need for an external Amazon Echo speaker. Custom install companies like Josh.ai, with its high-end voice-activated home automation system, are also hoping to make a splash with users. The bottom line for integrators is to embrace voice control as a great way to stay in front of customers and ultimately deliver the platform that best suits their lifestyles. Not surprisingly, an Amazon-sponsored keynote is taking place at CEDIA to discuss how the company is building smart home experiences, as well as how it supports the business of home technology professionals.

Networking: More bandwidth, better Wi-Fi, managed services, and network security all come to mind when we think of the increasing number of vendors that will exhibit at CEDIA 2017. Companies like Access Networks, DOMOTZ, FIREFX, Krika, Luxul, NETGEAR, TRENDnet, and Wilson Pro, among others, will all be at the show educating dealers in networking and security offerings so that they can save time and money, while exceeding client expectations.

RMR: Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) ties to the network and continues to gain traction with integrators, with a variety of companies offering remote monitoring and managed-service solutions that deliver cost savings, higher reliability, and increased customer satisfaction. RMR opportunities for dealers include system status/remote power monitoring, remote video surveillance, concierge services, and more. It’s a growing category for home technology professionals.

We look forward to experiencing all that CEDIA has to offer!

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