What’s Your Marketing Recovery Message?

What’s Your Marketing Recovery Message?

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By Jessaca Gutierrez, Content Creation Specialist

I’m writing this while my 2-year-old merrily chomps away on a post-nap chocolate chip cookie, my 9-year-old slogs his way through a 3rd grade writing assignment on the computer, my husband takes another phone call from his WFH office in our bedroom, and in the background, my 5-year-old is serenading us with the latest song she’s created. This is my new normal. I’ve repeated Denis Leary’s quote, “Crisis doesn’t create character; it reveals it,” so often in my head lately, it’s become my MO for forging ahead. In marketing, this quote is especially apropos. The way a company responds to a crisis not only reveals a lot about brand, it also has a long-lasting impact on your relationship with customers.

In Shane Barker’s Marketing Madness podcast with guest Ted Rubin — a social marketing strategist, author, speaker, and Photofy CMO — Rubin said now is the time to focus on reaching out to your customers and strengthening your relationship with them. He coined the phrase “return on relationship” or RoR for the accrued value from that process. Never has RoR been more important, and like everything else, your plan and message needs to be thoughtfully built around a new normal and with the goal to bank some RoR.

When doors reopen, your marketing communication should be:

  1. Sensitive. The tone of the industry is being set by what news and information continues to come out. Situations and environments are continuously changing and at different rates throughout the world. Understand what’s happening on both the local level and more broadly to understand how and when to share news and information and what tone to use.
  2. Prioritized around safety and health. If you’re reopening your place of employment, let the public know how you’re going about it and how you’re putting the well-being of others first.
  3. Positive. People have been home for months and it’s only natural they want to see positive stories that make them feel good. If you have great stories that build the human connection, share them.
  4. Transparent. Whatever your news, keep it honest and simple.
  5. Frequent. Now more than ever, customers are tuned into their news feed. Keep your corporate blog updated, be present daily on your social media feeds, and share your thought leadership as applicable and in more and different avenues.

InGear can assist you in this journey. As a collective of passionate PR, social media, and creative content marketing experts and storytellers, we understand how critical your next step is and can help shape your messaging for the commercial and residential AV industries and enterprise IT.

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